About La T milonga

VENUE: UNGDOMENS HUS, Torpgatan 21, Malmö
DAY: Tuesday 17.30 until 22.oo (Autumn season 2018 : 7 August-12 December)
CONTACT: latmilonga@gmail.com
PHONE: +46 (0) 735 827978
ORGANIZER: Marcela Troncoso

----- MILONGA & VALS course/ single classes Autumn/hösten 2018: Tuesday 17.30-18.30 , from 13th November
---- TANGO open classes (drop in) with different thematic, Autumn 2018 : Tuesday 18.30-19.30 (from 7 August until 4 December)
---- MILONGA (Dance tango!) Autumn 2018: 7 August - 4 December 2018: Tuesdays 19.30 -22.00

T of course means TANGO.
La T milonga is an space OPEN TO EVERYBODY, dancers, tango enthusiasts, teachers, and artists in general from all Sweden and abroad, where everybody shares KNOWLEDGE AND PASSION FOR TANGO, no matter level or origin, from an OPEN-MINDED VIEWPOINT.
LA T, weekly meeting point for Malmö´s tango community, offers the traditional milonga (dancing meeting), open classes, courses with local and guest teachers, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, and many others activities.

Acerca de La T milonga

T significa TANGO.
La T milonga es un espacio abierto a todos, bailarines, musicos, entusiastas y profesores de tango, y artistas en general de toda Suecia y otros paies, para compartir el conocimiento y la pasion por el tango, sin importar nivel ni origen, desde una mentalidad abierta.
La T , punto de encuentro semanal para la comunidad tanguera de Malmö, ofrece milonga (encuentro para bailar), clases abiertas, cursos con profesores locales e internacionales, conciertos, exhibiciones, conferencias y muchas otras actividades.
Nos encuentras en UNGDOMENS HUS, la Casa de la Juventud, TORPGATAN 21, MALMÖ, los martes desde las 18.30 a las 22.00.
Puedes contactarnos por mail a latmilonga@gmail.com.


jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

MILONGA & VALS course /single classes, in JUNE, at LA T MILONGA in Malmö!

Welcome to this special Course about MILONGA and VALS at La T milonga in Malmö!

 4 CLASSES, on TUESDAYS, starting on 3 JUNE!


 Learn, or improve what you already have learnt, in an easy way, through understanding the musicality aspects, the dynamic in the dance floor, and the basics steps as well as the combination r
ules for creating your own sequences.

Give your dance other dimension, being able to dance all music in the milongas.

You may attend to the WHOLE COURSE or SINGLE CLASSES.

Registration and payment in advance is required if you attend to the whole course.

Weekly classes on tuesdays, 17.30-18.30. (afterwards milonga until 22.15)
Starting on 3 June.

3 June: MILONGA 1
10 June: MILONGA 2
17 June: VALS 1
24 June: VALS 2

This course is open to BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCE, since every concept / movement will be explained considering different levels in complexity.

- Development of appropiate technique in Milonga and Vals, for both Leaders and Followers.
- Improvement embrace, connection, use of the space and musicality - Including the right ornaments and using them within the music.
- In each class we´ll work in figures and small sequences
- In each class both roles, Leader and follower will get the maximum of focus

La T milonga in Malmö, Ungdomens Hus, Torpgatan 21, sal 12, Malmö.
Course - 4 classes : 300 kr. (including entrance fee to Milonga afterwards, 19.30-22.15)
Single classes: 100 kr. ( including entrance fee to Milonga afterwards, 19.30 - 22.15)

- 17.30 -18.30: Milonga & Vals course 4 classes
- 18.30 - 19.30: Drop in class (open class to all levels, without registration in advance)
- 19.30 - 22.15: Milonga

tel 0735827978.


Marcela Troncoso website:

Best regards!
Marcela Troncoso - La T milonga

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Help people affected by the disaster in Serbia and Bosnia, at La T milonga on 20th May!

Do you have socks, underwear, clothes, blankets ... to donate to people affected by the flood in Serbia and Bosnia?
Used or old ones is received as long as it is in good condition and clean.

New truck is going to be filled and delivered on Saturday.

We collect all tomorrow, 20th May, at La T milonga in Malmo, Ungdome
ns hus, Torpgatan 21, sal 12.

You may leave the stuff from 20:00 until 22:00

Contact person: Susanna Grujo , here in Facebook:

Otherwise, get in contact with La T milonga, contact person Marcela Troncoso:http://latmilonga.blogspot.se/
mail: latmilonga@gmail.com

Susanna also will buy baby food and diapers. Want to contribute 50kr, contact us, or bring it to La T!

Thank you!

Susanna Grujo - La T milonga


Har du strumpor, underkläder, kläder, filtar... att skänka till katastrofdrabbade Serbien och Bosnien? Använda och gamla tas emot så länge det är helt och rent.
Ny lastbil fylls nu på lördag.

Vi samlar allt imorgon, hos La T milonga i Malmö, Ungdomens Hus, Torpgatan 21, sal 12.
Du får lämna grejer från. 20.00 tills 22.00

Kontaktperson: Susanna Grujo, här på Facebook:

Annars ta kontakt med La T milonga, kontaktperson Marcela Troncoso:
mail: latmilonga@gmail.com

Susanna också kommer handla välling och blöjor. Vill du bidra med 50kr så hör av dig, eller ta med det till La T!


Susanna Grujo - La T milonga

lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

La T milonga In Malmö on 6 May, presenting LA VIKINGA TANGO SHOES.

Welcome to La T, tuesday´s milonga in Malmö!
A place for tango and friendship...

This tuesday 6 May , we'll have " LA MILONGA MIX".......

  Meet your friends, enjoy and dance with our best songs, all of them among the most selected repertoire of the tango history! 

We proudly presents this tuesday LA VIKINGA TANGO SHOES at La T.
 Helen La Vikinga will bring for us all her new designs!!

Further info about La Vikinga Tango shoes:


  Before MILONGA you may participate in two courses.

- INTENSIVE TANGO COURSE FOR BEGINNERS - 2nd part (SIX CLASSES) , every tuesday 17.30 - 18.30.
MORE INFO ABOUT BEGINNERS COURSE (spread the news among your friends!!!):

- GIROS IN TANGO COURSE/single classes
You may attend to SINGLE CLASSES (DROP IN) as well, every tuesday before milonga to all levels, from 18.30 till 19.30.

Thematic on tuesday: Medialuna. Continual medialuna.

......You do not need a partner for the class.
......Registration needed if you attend to whole course but not for single classes
......The classes are open to all levels, since we show technique and movements in different level of complexity

MILONGA will take place after the class, from 19.30 till 22.15.



17.30 - 18.30: BEGINNERS COURSE
18.30 - 19.30: GIROS I TANGO , course / Drop in class
19.30 - 22.15: MILONGA

Ungdomens Hus, Torpgatan 21, 2nd. floor, sal. 12, Malmö

Milonga: Members 50 kr, non members 60 kr,
Membership for season: 50 kr.
Coffe, te, fruits, and cookies are included with the cost of the entrance.

Beginner´s course: 600 kr. (500 kr. if you register in couple) includes Milonga (dance) afterwards

Giros in Tango course: 500 kr.( 6 lektioner), 100 kr. per lektion. includes Milonga afterwards
Single class: 60 kr.
Single class + Milonga: 100 kr.

The membership gives you discount in the entrance fee to the milonga, and access to promotions and differents gifts all year around!
Don´t miss the opportunity of being part of La T!

Join our group in Facebook: La T milonga in Malmö, to get info about Tango in the area , recommendations and tips.


Further information about tango classes/courses
Marcela, tel. 0735 827978,