About La T milonga

VENUE: UNGDOMENS HUS, Torpgatan 21, Malmö
DAY: Tuesday 17.30 until 22.00 (Summer season 2019: 26 February - 25 June......Autumn season 2019 : 6 August-8 December)
CONTACT: latmilonga@gmail.com
PHONE: +46 (0) 735 827978
ORGANIZER: Marcela Troncoso

----- MILONGA & VALS COURSE /OPEN CLASSES: Summer 2019: Tuesday 17.30-18.30 , from 28th May until 18 June
---- TANGO open classes (drop in) with different thematic, May- June : Tuesday 18.30-19.30
---- MILONGA (Dance tango!) Summer 2019: 26 February - 25 June 2019: Tuesdays 19.30 -22.00

T of course means TANGO.
La T milonga is an space OPEN TO EVERYBODY, dancers, tango enthusiasts, teachers, and artists in general from all Sweden and abroad, where everybody shares KNOWLEDGE AND PASSION FOR TANGO, no matter level or origin, from an OPEN-MINDED VIEWPOINT.
LA T, weekly meeting point for Malmö´s tango community, offers the traditional milonga (dancing meeting), open classes, courses with local and guest teachers, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, and many others activities.

Acerca de La T milonga

T significa TANGO.
La T milonga es un espacio abierto a todos, bailarines, musicos, entusiastas y profesores de tango, y artistas en general de toda Suecia y otros paies, para compartir el conocimiento y la pasion por el tango, sin importar nivel ni origen, desde una mentalidad abierta.
La T , punto de encuentro semanal para la comunidad tanguera de Malmö, ofrece milonga (encuentro para bailar), clases abiertas, cursos con profesores locales e internacionales, conciertos, exhibiciones, conferencias y muchas otras actividades.
Nos encuentras en UNGDOMENS HUS, la Casa de la Juventud, TORPGATAN 21, MALMÖ, los martes desde las 18.30 a las 22.00.
Puedes contactarnos por mail a latmilonga@gmail.com.


lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

LA T MILONGA in MALMÖ on tuesday 30th September: PREMIER OF TROILO´S TANGO WEEK WITH LIVE MUSIC + Open class about Alterated movements for Tango and Vals.

Welcome to La T, tuesday´s milonga in Malmö!
A place for tango and friendship...

 This tuesday 30th september , we'll have at La T milonga PREMIER OF TROILO´S TANGO WEEK, with "ANIBAL TROILO" as theme of the evening....... An special MUSICAL SURPRISE will delight us!

Meet your friends, enjoy and dance with our best songs, all of them among the most selected repertoire of the tango history!

Before MILONGA you may participate in two classes.

OPEN CLASS (Drop in )
- to all levels...

- every tuesday before milonga , from 18.30 till 19.30.
- Thematic on tuesday 30th Easy and useful alterated movements for tango and vals.
- teacher on tuesday 30th: Marcela Troncoso
..... You do not need a partner for the class.
......No Registration in advance required
..... The classes are open to all levels, since we show technique and movements in different level of complexity

INTENSIVE TANGO COURSE FOR BEGINNERS - First part (SIX CLASSES) - every tuesday 17.30 - 18.30.
- More info about beginners course (spread the news among your friends!!!):

MILONGA will take place after the class, from 19.30 till 22.00.

17.30 - 18.30: BEGINNERS COURSE (starting 2nd october)
18.30 - 19.30: OPEN CLASS / Drop in class (from 19 augusti, every tuesday)
19.30 - 22.15: MILONGA

Ungdomens Hus, Torpgatan 21, 2nd. floor, sal. 12, Malmö

Milonga (special price this night because of life music: Members 60 kr, non members 70 kr,
Membership for season: 60 kr.
Coffe, te, fruits, and cookies are included with the cost of the entrance.

Open class 60 kr

Open class + Milonga: 110 kr. (special price this night)

Beginner´s course: 600 kr. (500 kr. if you register in couple) includes Milonga (dance) afterwards

  The membership gives you discount in the entrance fee to the milonga, and access to promotions and differents gifts all year around!
Don´t miss the opportunity of being part of La T!

Join our group in Facebook: La T milonga in Malmö, to get info about Tango in the area , recommendations and tips.

MORE INFO:http://latmilonga.blogspot.se/

Further information about tango classes/courses
Marcela, tel. 0735 827978,

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