About La T milonga

VENUE: UNGDOMENS HUS, Torpgatan 21, Malmö
DAY: Tuesday 17.30 until 22.00 Autumn season 2020 : 11 August - 8 December)
CONTACT: latmilonga@gmail.com
PHONE: +46 (0) 735 827978
ORGANIZER: Marcela Troncoso

---- Open class 17.30-18.30.... Technique and Ornaments (all levels/ alone or with own partner/ not changing partner)
---- Drop in class 18.30-19.30.... Tango Repertoire (all levels / alone or with own partner / not changing partner)
---- MILONGA (Dance tango!) Autumn 2020: 11 August - 8 December: Tuesdays 19.30 -22.00... Recommended to attend with own partner. Register in advance to latmilonga@gmail.com

T of course means TANGO.
La T milonga is an space OPEN TO EVERYBODY, dancers, tango enthusiasts, teachers, and artists in general from all Sweden and abroad, where everybody shares KNOWLEDGE AND PASSION FOR TANGO, no matter level or origin, from an OPEN-MINDED VIEWPOINT.
LA T, weekly meeting point for Malmö´s tango community, offers the traditional milonga (dancing meeting), open classes, courses with local and guest teachers, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, and many others activities.

Acerca de La T milonga

T significa TANGO.
La T milonga es un espacio abierto a todos, bailarines, musicos, entusiastas y profesores de tango, y artistas en general de toda Suecia y otros paies, para compartir el conocimiento y la pasion por el tango, sin importar nivel ni origen, desde una mentalidad abierta.
La T , punto de encuentro semanal para la comunidad tanguera de Malmö, ofrece milonga (encuentro para bailar), clases abiertas, cursos con profesores locales e internacionales, conciertos, exhibiciones, conferencias y muchas otras actividades.
Nos encuentras en UNGDOMENS HUS, la Casa de la Juventud, TORPGATAN 21, MALMÖ, los martes desde las 18.30 a las 22.00.
Puedes contactarnos por mail a latmilonga@gmail.com.


jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2020

Happy New Year 2021!... Gott Nytt År!... Feliz Año Nuevo!

 Just BE!.... Just SHINE!... Just SHARE!... Just DO IT!

NOW, because there's no better moment,
and no better place.

May 2021 become all that we dream
full of inspiration, dance and Tango!

LIGHT, PEACE, LOVE, HOPE and HEALTH for everybody!

Illustration: "Amigas de la milonga" by artist Marcela Troncoso

jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2020

Merry Christmas!... God Jul!... Feliz Navidad!

 Merry Christmas to everybody!

May Christmas time bring all of us peace, love, health and hope!

La T milonga in Malmö & Lund

miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2020

THANKS for another TANGO year full of dancing, learning, support and empathy


Reaching the last days of the year!

Thanks to all you La T tango friends for your continuous support, help, donations,  and cheering messages. 

Thanks to those who attended classes and milongas during both seasons at La T  Malmö and Lund. Thanks for always being there. 

It has been a challenging year. But despite the circumstances, and no matter being just a few of us we managed to dance and train totally safely. 

Our message from La T today is that not matter how you chose to transit this tough time, inside or outside, DO NOT LOSE YOUR HOPE , because WE WILL BE DANCING TANGO AGAIN SOON. At the end what counts is one fact:  we all share the same love for tango.

My eternal gratitude from the deepest of my heart to all you for your understanding and support.

We hope to start very soon next year with renewed energies and inspiration. Stay tuned !

Until then stay safe, keep moving and training.


domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2020

Happy Lucia´s day!

Glad Lucia dag! - Happy Lucia´s day! 
Feliz dia de Santa Lucia! 

May the returning of the light that this day announces in the north hemisphere brings hope, harmony, love and health all over the world!

viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2020

Happy International Tango day!

 International Tango Day 11 December 

commemorating the birthday of the tango singer Carlos Gardel, and the musician and composer Julio de Caro. 


"La milonga" by the artist Marcela Troncoso


Words of the artist:

"This mixed technique, 50 x 70 cm. combines gouache, watercolor, colour pencils. It was created in 1997 intending to represent the atmosphere of a real milonga in a satiric way.

 It´s a hommage to two of my first tango teachers Roberto Contreras and Maria Lemos, who appear in the scene. 

It´s also a hommage to Carlos Gardel, a singer that brought me to tango with the nostalgy in his voice. 

It´s a hommage to the thousands of musician whose music I have danced to. 

And finally it´s a hommage to all tango dancers, specially those old "milongueros" that inspired all new generations of dancers, and who were so generous sharing their knowledge to everybody. Thanks to them Tango has survived many storms, and will survive current storm as well. 


miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2020

Thanks for being part of La T friends!

 THANKS to all you, tango friends, because of your continuous support to La T in any way, with your presence, your encouraging words, your donations, your messages and inspiring feedback.

In a world in permanent change let´s enlighten our way with a flexible mind setting, the gift of listening and respecting each other, the courage to do what we love, solidarity and empathy with everybody´s path and resilience to overcome everything based on our profound convictions.

Wish you all, until we meet again, LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, and HEALTH!
Marcela / La T milonga

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2020

In memoriam to a legend of Tango in Sweden, Juan Jose Passo

 In Memoriam Juan Jose Passo

Argentina 14 November 1935 - Sweden 16 November 2020

With deep sorrow we say goodbye to an extraordinary person who meant a lot to Tango in Sweden, and Malmö: Juan Jose Passo, singer and tango diffuser and organizer.

Juan Jose, with extreme passion from Tango, deep convictions and extreme sense of solidarity, left with his family his homeland Argentina and brought Tango to Sweden.

One of the first highlight of his enormous work spreading tango was the creation of La Casa del Tango in Malmö in 1994, a cultural venue that opened the doors to all artist, tango or non tango performers, a small piece of his beloved Buenos Aires in Sweden, and a link between two cultures so different but sharing so much at the same time . There people got to know the Tango culture, and the essence of Buenos Aires, its traditions, its poets, musicians, and its tastes.

 La Casa del Tango  Malmö. One of his visitors, Horacio Ferrer, wrote this poem in the wall in 1995

Because of his continuous work spreading tango abroad, he was designed Corresponding Academic ( Académico correspondiente) by Academia Nacional del Tango de Argentina.

Juan Jose was also the main core, promotor and singer of orchestra Tangarte, directed by his son the musician Juanjo Passo, guitar and bandoneon player.

The orchestra following the ideal of its mentor Juan Jose, always convocated many top level tango artists,, guesting the performances and tours.

Orquesta Tangarte became the most representative tango orchestra in Sweden, based in Malmö, integrated by a multicultural bunch of nationalities, traveling to perform in many countries in Europe and South American.

After more than 20 years trajectory the orchestra continues that original intention of Juan Jose, spreading tango both in concerts and for dancing public all over the world.

Juan Jose family opened this Minnessida (memory site)  to his memory where to leave a thought or comforting words to those who were close to him.

No words to express our gratitude for his legacy.
May his values, his acts, his words and singing
guide our tango steps in these uncertain times.

You will be remember forever dear Juan Jose .
You have a place in the deepest of our heart.