About La T milonga

VENUE: UNGDOMENS HUS, Torpgatan 21, Malmö... Temporary venue for Summer season: Sofielunds Folkets Hus, Rolfsgatan 16, Malmö.
DAY: WEDNESDAY 17.00 until 21.30. Summer season 2021 starts on 19 May.
CONTACT: latmilonga@gmail.com
PHONE: +46 (0) 735 827978
ORGANIZER: Marcela Troncoso

---- Private classes alone/couple: from 12 April. weekdays & weekends. Book: latmilonga@gmail.com
---- Group Class solo training 17.00-18.00: Technique & Ornaments (all levels) Starts 19 May.
---- Group class solo training 18.00-19.00: Tango Repertoire (all levels) Starts 19 May.
---- MILONGA (Dance tango!) 1st set: 19.00 -20.15.... 2nd set 20.15 -21.30. Only with own partner. Starts 19 May.

T of course means TANGO.
La T milonga is an space OPEN TO EVERYBODY, dancers, tango enthusiasts, teachers, and artists in general from all Sweden and abroad, where everybody shares KNOWLEDGE AND PASSION FOR TANGO, no matter level or origin, from an OPEN-MINDED VIEWPOINT.
LA T, weekly meeting point for Malmö´s tango community, offers the traditional milonga (dancing meeting), open classes, courses with local and guest teachers, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, and many others activities.

Acerca de La T milonga

T significa TANGO.
La T milonga es un espacio abierto a todos, bailarines, musicos, entusiastas y profesores de tango, y artistas en general de toda Suecia y otros paies, para compartir el conocimiento y la pasion por el tango, sin importar nivel ni origen, desde una mentalidad abierta.
La T , punto de encuentro semanal para la comunidad tanguera de Malmö, ofrece milonga (encuentro para bailar), clases abiertas, cursos con profesores locales e internacionales, conciertos, exhibiciones, conferencias y muchas otras actividades.
Nos encuentras en UNGDOMENS HUS, la Casa de la Juventud, TORPGATAN 21, MALMÖ, los martes desde las 18.30 a las 22.00.
Puedes contactarnos por mail a latmilonga@gmail.com.


jueves, 13 de mayo de 2021

La T milonga in Malmö is back from 19 May!

After a pause because of the pandemic, LA T IS BACK, in a NEW VENUE, on WEDNESDAYS, with 2 SOLO TRAINING CLASSES for 7 participants, and 2 SETS OF MILONGA for 4 couples each set.

We start on WEDNESDAY 19 MAY.

Not ready to dance yet? You may SUPPORT US by paying our ordinary season fee (60 kr) , that helps enormously during this challenging time (swish 0735 827978)

- 17.00 - 18.00 : CLASS: Tango technique & Ornaments. 7 persons allowed
- 18.00 - 19.00 : CLASS: Repertoire & Rhythmical sequences. 7 persons allowed
- 19.00 - 20.15 : MILONGA 1st part, 4 couples allowed
- 20.15 - 21.30 : MILONGA 2nd part, 4 couples allowed

- SOLO TRAINING ( without partner)
- Register in advance to secure your place. Without registration, ONLY if there are places left.

--- PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Register as early as possible. You will receive confirmation.
--- Max. 4 couples in each part of milonga.
--- REGISTRATION IS BINDING ( Once registered, if not attending you have to pay your fee, but you may transfer your place to another couple who is not already participating)

---- 3 meters distance without exceptions.
---- We will keep windows opened.
---- Only symptoms free participants.
---- Coffee and water will be available. We recommend you to bring your own coffee/refreshment / fika.
---- Hand sanitizer available at the venue.

- 1 CLASS: 70 kr members, 90 kr non-members
- 2 CLASSES: 140 kr members, 180 kr non-members
- 1 CLASS + one SET MILONGA: 110 kr members, 130 kr non-members
- 1 CLASS + both SET MILONGA: 170 kr members, 210 kr non- members
- DAY PASS : 2 CLASSES + one SET MILONGA: 170 kr. members, 190 non members
- FULL PASS : 2 CLASSES + both SET MILONGA: 200 kr members , 220 kr non members.
- EACH SET MILONGA : 50 members - 60 non-members
- Summer season membership: 60 kr.

Sofielunds Folkets Hus, Rolfsgatan 16, Malmö.

sms / WhatsApp 0735 827978
INFO: http://latmilonga.blogspot.com

LA T milonga in Malmö on Facebook:

domingo, 11 de abril de 2021

Special discount prices on PRIVATE TANGO CLASSES FOR COUPLES, booking on April.

We soon will start again with our group classes at La T.

Meantime, enjoy  this very special offer: great discount prices!


  • 1 class >   get 100 kr. discount !  Pay 500 kr.
  • 3 classes >  get  300 kr. discount !  Pay 1200 kr. 
  • 10 classes > get 1000 kr. discount !  Pay 3500 kr.

- Available for booking in couple.
- Booking and payment should be completed during April.
- Obs. Class packages have a limited duration. Check the validity period of your package.

More info:http://www.marcelatroncoso.com

viernes, 2 de abril de 2021

viernes, 12 de marzo de 2021

Thanks for being part of La T!

 Thanks a lot for all the messages and good wishes I got all this week because of my "birthday".

Actually 27 years ago, on 10 March 1994, I started this wonderful path with tango at my very first tango class. That day changed my life totally, and it was only the first spark that lit the flame that still burns in my heart.

Thanks to all who helped me in my way to tango during all these years, teachers, dancers, milongueros, colleagues, musicians, singers, organizers, dance partners, students, friends. You all were, are and will be a source of inspiration and renewed energy to keep going with the purpose of my life.

So many wonderful friends all over the world!
Thanks for one year more!
Thanks for being a part of La T!

jueves, 11 de marzo de 2021

100 years Anniversary of Astor Piazzolla birthday

 Astor Piazzolla

11 March 1921 - 4 July 1992
One of the greatest musicians and composers
of tango history and music history
...100 years Anniversary of his birthday...

Gracias Maestro por tanta música!

jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2020

Happy New Year 2021!... Gott Nytt År!... Feliz Año Nuevo!

 Just BE!.... Just SHINE!... Just SHARE!... Just DO IT!

NOW, because there's no better moment,
and no better place.

May 2021 become all that we dream
full of inspiration, dance and Tango!

LIGHT, PEACE, LOVE, HOPE and HEALTH for everybody!

Illustration: "Amigas de la milonga" by artist Marcela Troncoso